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TA DVD Catalogue

DVDs of recent Annual General Meetings are available for £12 post-paid.

  • TA AGM 2019 edited by Paul Carmody. Meeting at Basingstoke, 13 April. Editor’s annual report/Awards: Guy Hurst, Exoplanets are go: Roger Dymock, The violently variable high energy Universe/Black Holes and Jets: Professor Ian McHardy, The wonders of Supernova explosions : Dr Cosimo Inserra, Comets: Peter Carson, New Horizons: Alan Lorrain. (Running time: 4h35m)

  • TA AGM 2016 edited by Paul Carmody. Meeting at Basingstoke, 19 November. Editor’s annual report, Guy Hurst; The Role of the Amateur in Observation of Occultations, Tim Haymes; A Technical Guide to SLR Photography, John Murphy; EUCLID: A Space Mission to map the Dark Universe, Dr Bruno Altieri; LEDs: Bringing back the stars ?, Bob Mizon; Amateur follow-up of GAIA and LSST alerts, John Murrell; OJ287: A Quasar with a case of Schizophrenia ?, Dr Mark Kidger. (Running time: 5h07m)

  • TA AGM 2015 edited by Paul Carmody. Meeting at Basingstoke 15 October. Editor’s annual report, Guy Hurst; The Future of Comet Observing, Nick James; Shooting stars at 8,000 ft, Dave Shave-Wall; GAIA Science Alerts: Discoveries and Pro-Am contributions, Dr Heather Campbell; Planetary Systems around White Dwarfs, Dr Dimitri Veras; 100 years of Pluto, from Planet X to New Horizons, Dr Mark Kidger. (Running time: 4h51m)

  • TA AGM 2014 edited by Paul Carmody. TA 50th Anniversary meeting joint with Basingstoke Astronomical Society 10th Anniversary. Annual report, Guy Hurst; Ramblings of a Casual Astronomer, Peter York; Comet 209P/Linear, Rob McNaught/Tony Markham; Planetary Nebulae mimics, Alan Lorrain; From here to the edge of the observable Universe, Dr Robin Catchpole; Uranus: an Aquamarine mystery, Dr Paul Abel; Amateur Astronomy: why do we do it? John Stapleton; Herschel’s Violent Ice, Dr Mark Kidger. (Running time: 4h42m)

  • TA AGM 2013 filmed by Paul Carmody, edited by Peter Meadows. Annual report, Guy Hurst; Harold Knox-Shaw and the Helwan Observatory, Jeremy Shears; Comets PanSTARRS and ISON, Nick James; Gamma-Ray Burst demographics: short, long and ultra-long, Professor Nial Tanvir; The CYGNUS project, Stan Waterman; Edge of Darkness, Nick Hewitt; Living the Herschel dream, Dr Mark Kidger. (Running time: 5h00m)

  • TA AGM 2012 filmed by Paul Carmody, edited by Nick James. Joint meeting with BAA VSS in memory of George Alcock. Annual report and George Alcock: Lifetime Achievements, Guy Hurst; Expanding the BAA VSS Database, Roger Pickard; George Alcock personal reminiscences: Memory man, Denis Buczynski; Type 1A Supernovae and their progenitors, Professor Boris Gansicke; 100 years of Novae, Professor Nye Evans; Project Alcock, Roger Dymock; From Alcock’s last comet to Herschel, Dr Mark Kidger. (Running time: 4h21m)

A special DVD is available on George Alcock from 1991 (also £12 post paid).

  • ALCOCK - THE MAN, THE LEGEND edited by M. Mobberley. With interviews by Denis Buczynski. During 1991, Denis Buczynski and Martin Mobberley visited GEORGE ALCOCK at Yaxley near Peterborough to interview one of the greatest British amateur astronomers. George had 10 major discoveries to his credit. The result is a fascinating life-history of this legendary figure and an inspiration to all astronomers to make your own searches for those elusive new comets and novae! (Running time: 3h00m)

TA Magazine Back Issues

We have a large number of back issues of the paper version of the magazine which may be purchased for £1.50 each (post paid in the UK, add 30% for the rest of Europe and ask for a quotation from the Secretary for elsewhere). Alternatively PDF versions since 2009 are available via email at £1 each - please contact the Secretary.