SN 1999eh in IC1861

Mark Armstrong discovered his sixth SN in the galaxy NGC 2770. The followuing appeared in IAUC 7282.
G. M. Hurst, Basingstoke, England, reports the discovery by Mark Armstrong, Rolvenden, of a supernova (mag about 17.5) on an unfiltered CCD frame taken on Oct. 12.1375 UT with a 0.30-m telescope in the course of the U.K. Nova/Supernova Patrol. In response to an alert, T. Boles, Wellingborough, obtained a confirmatory image on Oct. 14, and Armstrong also secured a further image on Oct. 14.157 showing the new object at about the same brightness. Precise positions measured by Armstrong from his Oct. 12 and 14 images yield R.A. = 9h09m32s.67, Decl. = +33o07'16".9 (equinox 2000.0). Armstrong's measurement of Boles' image yields position end figures 32s.55, 16".3. Research by Hurst indicates that SN 1999eh is absent from the Vickers Deep Space CCD Atlas: North (1993, p. 96; limiting mag about 19) and from both Palomar Sky Surveys (limiting mag about 20).
The following images were submitted by Mark.

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